At Six Points Innovation Center (6PIC), we are supporting students with virtual learning This helps to provide positive and appropriate socialization with peers and adults.

Some of the students need a different environment that may be more conducive to work/learn being that the actual school is not an option. So, we’ve been working to create this environment for the youth, COVID safe.

The youth will all have computers so that they are in their separate classrooms.

We need volunteers/tutors to assist students during asynchronous times to get caught up with their missing assignments. 

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For our college bound leaders from lower resource communities, our Higher Education program helps them reach their goals of achieving degrees which need 4-8 year college education levels. We offer them logistical support, life skills and social supports needed to enter colleges for these fields.    


Although the Higher Education program is not limited to minorities, we especially want to assist minorities because there are very disproportionate numbers of minorities that enter high income fields such as MD's and Attorneys. Approximately 44% of the population of the United States of America is minorities, with 11% of those being African American.  Yet, only 10% of all attorneys in the USA are minorities. Very disproportionately low numbers hold true in the medical and political fields as well.  Minority students are far more likely to become nurses but not doctors and paralegals but not attorneys.

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If you have a passion for helping you from lower resource/income areas, helping the break their chains of poverty, please consider joining Saving Our Youth VA Board of Directors. 

We are always looking for individuals who want to have an impact in the lives of our youth and our community. Our board plays a critical role in helping us achieve the SOY mission. Please consider joining our board. 


For more information on any of these volunteer opportunities click here



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Most people recognize the Guardian Angels from news of young volunteers patrolling New York's dangerous subways and streets.  Patrolling the streets is only one of the strategies we use.  Our organization is committed to improving our communities and dealing with all kinds of problems. We coordinating a variety of community based services, programs and activities to speak and fight against violence, crime and drugs.

Here in Richmond, we work in the Highland Park section helping with community concerns, coordinating community events, and more, including:


  • Coordinate the Neighborhood Watch

  • Coordinate neighborhood clean ups

  • We worked with several prominent organizations to bring a breast cancer walk to the city on the 2nd Saturday in June

  • We coordinate several events including Spring Break, National Night, and the Highland Park Christmas Crawl.   


With all these things happening….. the bottom line is, we are taking back our streets but we can’t do it without you.  Speak with us about joining the Richmond Guardian Angels.


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Please read and sign the Declaration of Humanity.  The demands set forth in this Declaration, calls for people of color who are suffering from unfair and misguided laws, to be dignified. Removal of the confederate flags is only one area that we feel disrespected. After the killing of George Floyd, we were finally able to bring this disrespect and mistreatment into the light. All people should be with us to make this stand, not just people of color.  Everyone should want just and fair treatment for all people. Join us. 

Please click on the website below to read and sign the Declaration of Humanity and let us know if you will stand with us to deliver the document.


              THE PEOPLE SPEAK!