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With the YEER program, our students are receiving nice size stipends. With our new reality, our program has shifted from us meeting in person  to us having meetings through zoom video chats.

We started with developing research questions. Here are some of the questions the youth are researching in order to come up with their final product. Below are some of the questions the students came up with but first, we had to discuss what makes a good research question. A good research question is


Specific, the question should ask about a particular time, place, event, and/or problem. Something that is clear and direct enough so that you can think about how you would find the answer to it.


Researchable, the question can be answered by collecting some kind of information/data in a logical and systematic way. Not all questions are answerable in this way.


And Empirical, a question that can be answered with data that you can collect. This means that the data must exist somewhere and is available for you to gather.


Youth Empowerment Thru Eviction Research

notice of eviction image.png

Why is this information important for our youth to know. More than half the youth that are registered with Saving Our Youth / Six Points Innovation Center has experienced displacement at least once, some several times. Especially now with COVID 19, it’s a scary time, not just for adults but for youth as well, especially if they’ve been displaced in the past. What will happen if my mom gets sick or loses her job?

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