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May 28, 2022

Six Points Innovation Center

3001 Meadowbridge Rd., Richmond VA  23222

5PM but doors open at 3PM for Sales and Auction


This year our Theme is Back to the Future. Some of our future changed during the last 2 years with the pandemic. The future the graduates expected during graduation, walking across a stage with everyone yelling and clapping changed, our future vacation plans changed, and so much more. But now we are back to being able to plan our futures in real time. 

At Saving Our Youth, we are also back to our future with in-person programs again. Please join us at our gala to help us to continue to be able to do this important work. Come out to meet the youth, have a nice dinner, visit our store and auction items, and enjoy yourself. 

The tickets are $25. Dinner includes your choice of meats: fried chicken, baked chicken or ham; potato salad; string beans; coleslaw.  

The MC and most of the entertainment will be performed by our current youth and youth who graduated from our program.

Location: Six Points Innovation Center, 3001 Meadowbridge Rd., Richmond, VA  23222


3:00 pm  - Music starts as people start to arrive

3:00 pm  - Registration begins

3:00 pm  - Gala store is open

5:00 PM  - Start moving people towards the dining area for dinner and  program

5:10 PM  - Open with prayer for service and dinner  (Pat Rogers)

5:15 PM  - Welcome (MC)

5:20 PM  - Dinner served (sit down dinner, students will bring plates)

5:40 PM  - Amber Simms Cook (story), followed by a song

5:50 PM  - Introduce Board Members (Pat Rogers)

5:58 PM  - Matching Game, meet the Executive Director (MC)

6:15 PM  - Back to the Future, Hope Braxton

6:25 PM  - Saving Our Youth Programs, Malachi, Jo’ziah, Antajuan

6:33 PM  - Dance, Faith Braxton & Hope Braxton

6:43 PM  - Dysean Green Spirit Award, Thomas Cox

6:53 PM  - Board Member, Tyler Novachek

7:00 PM -  Volunteer Appreciation & Closing comments, Exec Director


MC:  Faith Braxton

Caterer: Reginald Brandon

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