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Powered for Life
Jobs for Life

We are excited to provide this unique job readiness training and support strategy that empowers students to be successful at work and at life. And we’re happy to be able to offer it free of charge.  We aim to transform lives through meaningful, mutually respectful relationships, the application of Biblical principles, and the acquisition of practical work readiness skills.



Course Overview:


The Empowered for Life training course is designed to be completed through a combination of classroom instruction and individual and group application activities. The class runs for 5 weeks, Tuesdays and Thursday mornings from 8:00AM – 10:30AM with the first half hour breakfast and comradery.


The class contains key lesson points, reading assignments and interactive life application activities designed to reinforce and apply learning. Classes include:

  • Communication Exercises

  • Class Discussions

  • Small Group Discussions

  • Role-Plays and Workplace Scenarios

  • Career Assessments

  • Résume building

  • 60-Second Interview pitches

  • Individual and Class Reflection Exercises

  • Applying for jobs


Empowered for Life training is also delivered through guest speakers, invited from local businesses and organizations, as well as access to available community resources to assist students in reaching their employment goals.


Join us in in our next class if you are looking for employment or better employment, or if you want to volunteer to assist us.

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