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It Takes A Village

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A child does not just grow up within a home, a child grows up in a community, in a social world with input and influence….in their village. Regardless of the child's upbringing, the child belongs to and is shaped by that village. If that village is where drug dealers, drug users, and high crime rates are prevalent, then there’s a much higher likelihood that the child will get involved in drugs or crimes.

It's common sense, really. Unless you keep your kids in a cage, they are going to interact with other people. They're going to be exposed to the good and the bad.  It literally takes a village to raise a child. Let’s give our youth a better chance at success by making their village a safe place to be, with people that influence them in positive ways.


Be a Part of a Village for One of Our Youth


At Saving Our Youth each youth has a village and we’re asking you to be a part of the next villages we set up for 1 female student and 1 male student. Here’s a little information on the students but the name of the student can’t be released until their village has been established because they are minors.


                   Sex                              Female                                  Male

                   Grade                          11th Grade                            11th Grade

                   Goal:                           Nurse or Cosmetology             Goal: Chef

                   Grades:                        A/B                                       B/C

                   Favorite Subject:           English                                  History

                   Hobbies:                      Doing hair & makeup              Watching TV


How do you become part of one of these villages? Make a pledge, do not send money, just make a pledge towards the cost of the village. When pledges have reached the full village cost, then we’ll ask you to make your actual donation. 


Each village costs $3,595 to run for a year. That includes

  • Stipends for your youth

  • Higher education planning

  • Mentoring

  • Case management

  • Volunteering, creating a clean neighborhood

  • Building leaders and positive role models



Once the village is set up, we will share the names with everyone in the village, including the names of the contributors, and hopefully you all will meet during our annual gala if not before.

Please consider being a part of the village for one of these youth. They are waiting to hear that their village has been sponsored.  Their stipends will start immediately after their village is complete which can help them with toiletries and other items that their parents may be pressed to supply.


Both youth live in zip code 23222, which incorporating Highland Park, Brookland Park, Washington Park, Highland Terrace, and Green Park, where nearly one out of every two youth (45%) is living below Richmond’s poverty threshold, according to the American Community Survey (2016) while just 5 miles away in zip code 23226 fewer than 9 of every 100 youth live in impoverished households. Median earnings in Highland Park are $33,703 per household, while in zip code 23226 they are more than double that at $81,406 (ACS 2016). A child raised in 23222 is more likely to be raised in poverty, to live in a household where one or more adults is unemployed, and to attend a school where indicators show many students are lagging behind on literacy, attendance, and graduation. So, they need your help to break the chains of poverty for their future families.


Thank you for your consideration. For more information or just to chat about our programs, contact me by phone or email below. To make your pledge, go to www.




Jo White

Executive Director

(804) 937-6836

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