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The Saving Our Youth CTW Program’s Mission is for our students to have RESISTANCE:



Resist drugs

         Escape poverty

                 Secure the future

                         Integrity in their actions

                                   Stand for what’s right

                                           Tough out the rough

                                                    Act with good morals

                                                             Not accept the nonsense

                                                                      Change the outcomes

                                                                                 Embrace it all with Love



Our future is in the hands of our youth! They are the ones we must depend on to take us into our golden years with hope for the future.  So, our youth need to have resistance. To have resistance, they must have proper guidance and education. That’s where Saving Our Youth VA's CTW comes in, with programs to help them set and achieve their goals, and become our future leaders..



Our Higher Education program helps college-bound leaders reach their goal of obtaining degrees which need 4-8 year of college education. We offer logistical support, life skills and the social support needed to enroll in college and achieve a degree.    


Our target students are most interested in entering the fields of law or medicine. Although the program is not limited to those fields, we chose those fields because our target area is majority minority youth, and there is a very disproportionate number of minorities who enter those fields.  Approximately 44% of the USA's population are minorities, with 11% of those being African American.  Yet, only 10% of all attorneys in the USA are minorities. Disproportionately low numbers hold true in medical fields as well. 


Program Activities outside of our common activities:

Each student will have a Higher Education Coordinator that will help them with:

  • Career mentoring

  • SAT Prep

  • College Tours

  • Financial Aid Counseling

  • RPS College Tracking



Trade School

Trade and vocational schools have been underrated and frowned upon for so long. But that undeserved stigma is rapidly changing. More and more students are starting to look for a different path to a career, especially now that the cost of advanced education is leaving people with sticker shock and massive amounts of debt. It’s no secret that those with bachelor’s degrees or higher have larger earning potential than those who stopped at a high school diploma. However, when you weigh in the heavy-duty loan that has to be paid off once a job is secured, the bachelor’s degree doesn’t seem so fancy anymore. It might actually be a burden.


Our target youth would be students interested in careers that don’t necessarily need college degrees but have chosen career fields where further education by other sources are needed. These are jobs like Auto Repair, Electrician, Elevator Installer/Repair, Radiation Therapist, Web Developer, Dental Hygienist, and Diagnostic Medical Sonographer to name some of the high paying fields.


Program Activities outside of our common activities:

Each student will have a Trade School Coordinator that will help them with:

  • Setting up Career Mentoring or an Internship with an organization in the student's chosen field

  • Sending out letters to the appropriate companies.

  • Obtaining summer employment with one of those companies



At Saving Our Youth, we know that not everyone is cut out for college, or even trade or vocational school.  For that reason, our School to Work Program provides students with workplace mentoring and a planned program for employment when they graduate from high school.


We target students who are not interested in post high school education, and students who have not yet made a career choice. If a student decides upon a career that requires college or trade classes, he or she will be transferred to the correct program.


This program is also for 18-24 year old youth who have already graduated from high school. Through our Jobs for Life Classes, we help them get job-ready, and then assist with them getting employment.


Program Activities outside of our common activities:

Each student will have a School to Work Coordinator that will help them with:

  • Career Mentoring or Internship with an organization in their chosen field (ages 14-18)

  • The School to Work Coordinator will send out letters to the associating companies.

  • Summer employment with an organization  (ages 16-18)




Activities Open to All Students

  • Homework Center, Monday and Wednesday 3:00PM-4:00PM

  • Resurgence, Wednesdays 5:45PM-7:30PM

  • Debate Team

  • Public Speaking

  • Morality According to Scripture (TBD)

  • Quality of Life Youth (matched up with an adult)

  • Community Service Activities that can be counted toward school service hour requirements

  • Miscellaneous student field trips and fun activities


Partnering Activities Open to All Students

  • Change Makers  (3rd Thursday of the month 5:00PM-7:00PM)

  • Lyrics and Beats (Monday and Wednesdays 4:00PM-7:00PM)






When a student signs up for the program, the Executive Director meets with them first to learn their wants and needs, so that a personal plan for each student can be formulated.


Second, the Executive Director meets with the student and their parent(s) to get their signed consent.


Finally, the student's information is given to the appropriate program coordinator, who is responsible for overseeing the student's progress. The PC reports to the Executive Director weekly.




  • Volunteers to fill the College, Trade School, and School to Work Coordinator roles.

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